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Case Studies

Technical Data Centre Design & Procurement for Leading Research Organisation

Future-tech provided concept and developed designs for mechanical, electrical, data, security and BMS infrastructure, together with performance specifications and procurement services for a new 350 cabinet, 4.8MW high density data centre design.


To help the client create a strategic project brief and facility performance specification. Then to develop a vendor neutral concept data centre design and develop it, with the client, to ensure business, technical and security objectives were met.

To provide a robust and objective procurement process enabling the selection of equipment manufacturers and associated specialist service contractors.

To present the procurement evaluation data and conclusions in a report showing the evaluation criteria and results of each works/equipment package.



(1) Unfortunately the overall footprint for the building was fixed before the internal data centre design was started, this resulted in the internal and external space being limited in relation to the performance specification requirements.

(2) Due to the nature of the client’s industry the security specification was challenging within the fixed building footprint

(3) High cabinet densities within a constricted space



By working closely with the client during the project’s early stages the data centre design team were able to gain an acute understanding of the project requirements and drivers. This helped create clear outcomes and performance specification.

The data centre design team then provided a number of potential concept designs which they down selected, with the client, using the strategic project brief.

As the building footprint was predetermined and smaller than ideal some compromises had to be made, however, by working closely with the client the project’s business and technical outcomes were still achieved.

The resulting data centre design provides a flexible high density data centre that conforms to required business impact levels and physical security. Capacity and energy efficiency were maintained despite the physical constraints through the innovative use of space and technology.

If you are embarking on a data centre design project engaging with Future-tech, data centre specialists, early will result in a facility that is more closely aligned with your organisations strategic outcomes. For more information regarding data centre planning and design please contact our team on 0845 9000 127.

Future-tech's data centre design for leading research organisation - Data Centre Procurement


“With Future-tech’s careful attention to all the individual details we’ve ended up with a very energy efficient data centre“