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Case Studies

Design and construction audit for Tier IV data centre investment

Assessment of data centre design solution, construction and operational costs and projected P&L associated with a new 40MW Tier IV data centre solution.


(1) To provide a data centre design peer review and comment with regard to the design and technical data centre solutions proposed by the developer.

(2) Assess resilience, Tier level, appropriateness of design and energy efficiency.

(3) Review the construction costs and compare against industry benchmarks and provide comment.

(4) Review the operational cost schedules, P&L projections and business plan by making comparisons with industry bench marks and providing comment.

(5) To provide market intelligence referring to the current providers in the market place, their technical and commercial offerings and how the proposed data centre solution compared.



(1) Limited time to complete a full and detailed appraisal of each area and to engage with other operators.

(2) Gaining suitable information from other operators in the geographic area was challenging as many of them were reluctant to provide transparent comparable pricing and meaningful technical information.



Future-tech Consulting Engineers provided a detailed appraisal of the data centre design documents. Assessment of power, cooling, security, fire and data systems was completed. A detailed report was provided with red flags and summary section specifically written for the Investors whose knowledge was not engineering.

Full assessment of the data centre construction cost schedule was made making comparisons to European bench marks. Together with a detailed report a summary document was created with attention directed at particularly high and low figures.

Full assessment of the operational cost model was completed. This included energy consumption and MWh costs, water usage and staffing. This was combined with an assessment of the P&L model and business plan reviewing sales projects against industry and regional bench marks.

The overall financial information was evaluated and a report flagging potential issues was created.

Assessment of the fibre optic network was included showing network and carrier diversity and links.

Together with the written output Future-tech joined a number of calls to explain quickly and succinctly the findings and answers questions directly from the Investors in-house due diligence team.

For more information regarding technical due diligence for Investment, co-location selection and other projects please contact our team on 0845 9000 127.

Future-tech's Data Centre Design and Construction Audit for Tier IV Data Centre, Milan - Data Centre Solution


“With Future-tech’s careful attention to all the individual details we’ve ended up with a very energy efficient data centre“