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We believe the innovations of the next 5 years will be focused on flexibility, cost, speed and commercial structures.

Between 2009 and 2015 the data centre industry made huge strides in energy efficiency improvement. Annualised Power Utilisation Efficiency (PUE) Ratios fell from an average of 2 to 1.2 in new build applications and from 2.5 to 1.6 in existing sites.

During this period Future-tech received eight independent awards because of our adoption, development and refinement of energy efficient design principles and technologies. .In 2007, when most of the industry had little to no awareness of compressor free cooling for data centres and energy efficiency in general was not important, Future-tech was already developing and implementing free cooling systems that still operate at the industry’s leading edge today.

Energy efficiency, certainly in wholesale co-location facilities, has peaked for now. The widespread adoption of indirect air to air heat exchanger technologies, developed by companies such as Munters and Excool, have pushed PUEs down to sub 1.25 levels. In bespoke, well-tuned installations, sub 1.1 figures can now be achieved. This however does not mean that innovation is dead.

We believe the innovations of the next 5 years will be focused on flexibility of specification, cost per MW of construction, speed of deployment and the creation of new commercial structures. It is these areas that have strongly influenced our Polymorphic Infrastructure design.

Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre Award

The CEEDA gold award independently recognises that Future-tech follows and implements best practice in data centre energy efficiency. BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, provides this means of assessing and accrediting facilities for energy efficiency and the gaining of an award offers proof that an organisation is committed to benchmarking themselves as leaders in data centre efficiency, reducing energy costs and meeting the needs of increasing carbon legislation.

Winner of the DataCentreDynamics Innovation in Micro Data Centre Design 2009 & 2010, Finalists 2011

These awards offer recognition that Future-tech is a market leader in efficient, innovative design in the micro data centre.

Facilities that house up to 50 cabinets and have an IT load of under 350kW fall into this category and as these facilities are often housed in buildings not designed with data centres in mind, there are inherent constraints in implementable efficiency measures. These awards, judged by an independent panel of experts, are testament to Future-techs innovative approach to such projects, an approach that has led to the design and build of micro data centres with annualised PUEs of less than 1.18.

Winner of the DataCentreDynamics Innovation in IT Optimisation Award 2012

This Award recognises and rewards Future-techs innovation in IT optimisation.

We have consistently enabled our client organisations to successfully re-define the role the data centre performs within their corporate and IT strategy. Although optimisation may represent any number of transformational processes, including systems integration, virtualisation, unified computing, asset consolidation and optimisation, management automation and a move to cloud-derived on-demand architectures, our holistic view of the data centre as a critical unit within a strategically driven business function, has led to clients fully realising the opportunities presented by IT optimization.

Finalist in the DataCentreDynamics Leadership in the Public Sector 2012

Reaching the finalist list in this category confirms Future-techs position as a recognised leader in public sector data centre design and build.

This accolade recognises our achievements in Government and public sector IT-focused initiatives, projects and strategies. Finalists have to demonstrate an attention to technology and engineering and best practice in project/team management as well as the vision required to unite disparate groups inside and outside Government.

Winner of the Uptime Institute Green IT Award 2011 & honourable mention 2013

These global awards recognise Future-techs position as a leader in energy efficiency best practice. Awarded to projects, ideas and products that significantly improve energy efficiency within the IT sector, their principle objective is to facilitate the sharing of best practice and the education of the sector as to the need for increased efficiencies and better use of power resource.

Winner of the Green Gown ICT Award 2011

Future-tech have a long history of designing and building data centres for the education sector and the winning of the Green Gown Award, held by the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges, recognises our expertise within this market. The award is focused on sustainability within the Higher and Further Education sector and covers all aspects of the HE/FE sector from Sustainable Construction and Procurement to Green ICT and Research & Development.

Winner of the Tech Excellence award 2014

Awarded for excellence in technology solutions implementation in Ireland, winning the Tech Excellence Award puts Future-tech at the forefront of business technology implementation.